Gentle days seem far away  I awake in bed, Emotions from the darkest place Paint murals in my head. They tell me I am not enough, Though I know that it’s not true But sometimes in the blackest nights   I have to fight them too. 

Hard to Love

You make me feel like I’m a chore, a task sent from above. The darkest colors bubble up when I hear I’m hard to love.  For you I’d hold the sun at bay to keep away the dawn,  But still you’d ache to have your way;you’d already be gone. I know I’m not a perfect … More Hard to Love

It’s Ok

I hope you had a good day today,  And Hey, If you didn’t- That’s okay. I beat myself up on the bad days,too.  Unfinished business,  And all of life’s mess. But when all of us are tired in some great big way,we’ve got to let each other have our bad days. 

Beat It

Ignoring catcalls You don’t know me  Nothing honest,nothing holy Shallow questions Bad intentions, Things of the heart you wouldn’t mention. 


Theres broken glass on these sidewalks,I’ve been on them for miles and still I cant talk. With my moccasins torn on the iron train tracks,you might still be proud of me where I am at.  I’m hidden here under the nightingale sky on a bridge where nobody will hear if I cry.