There is love that squeezes up through unexpected  parts of us like dandelions do in the summer.  Love grows, and it isn’t always out of a teddy bear or boxed chocolate. It takes…tending. You can water love by sharing the last bite of your favorite french toast.Protect love from the cold on late nights, with … More Dandy


That’s just how it goes in life sometimes, and really, its how death always deals its hand. Nobody…expects it. And even if perhaps we can perceive it coming up ahead in the road somehow, We still don’t expect it to happen like this, or so soon. So suddenly. Now all of us are left feeling surprised.Some … More Molly


We all are allowed to have days that feel particularly difficult to navigate.


It took me by surprise, all of it. I was surprised to find myself there, captured by your idiosyncratic masterpiece. I was surprised to wake up with my lips curved to the sun in the morning  with you on my mind. Suprised when you took my hand, surprised when you heard my song. I was … More Stalled

Happy Birthday

​The whole world can fit inside of your mind, love. But sometimes, even the world has shouldered too much.  Let rich soil spill from your lips. Carry unbroken wind through every tendril of your hair.